Sunday , April 18 2021

Tobacco control actors are angry at Philip Morris International

Actors in the fight against smoking are angry at Philip Morris International

The launch of a life insurance company by Philip Morris International is irritating the actors of the fight against tobacco.


According to Matthew L. Myers, president of the campaign for tobacco-free children, the latest tobacco giant has a cynical deterrent because of its main activity that still sells cigarettes that kill more than 7 million people in the world. "In fact, Philip Morris sells more than 700 billion cigarettes a year, they even launched a new brand of cigarettes, Phillips Maurice Grass, in Indonesia earlier this year. Philip Morris aggressively sells cigarettes around the world, often to the delight of children, and they continue to fight with proven strategies that really reduce smoking and save lives. They have zero credibility, saying he was committed to helping smokers to quit and want a future without smoke, "he says. And let's continue: "He is no longer hiding from a tobacco company that hooks people to its deadly products, and then turns around and tries to sell them for life insurance. Philip Morris tries to benefit in any way from his dependent clients ". According to him, Philip Morris does not encourage young people to stop smoking, offering life insurance premiums for smokers who pass by. their other tobacco products or completely discontinued. "But there is little evidence to support their claims. Their replacement products are not proven effective in helping smokers to stop, bringing their health risks and selling to complain to children. In addition, the false motives of Philip Morris for smokers to quit are crushed by the huge amounts that the company spends on cigarettes on the market and keeps smokers to give up, "says Matthew L. Myers. He recalls that Philip Morris sells most of his cigarette sales revenue and sells the world's best-selling cigarette brand and is actively working to expand the global cigarette market.


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