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Tite is conventionally voted by FIFA The Best

Placé 3ème by voting Brazilian selections for the FIFA prix The Best, Sadio Mane made a raid on Tite amicable match between Senegal and Brazil jou hier in Singapore. In the meantime, the score is one but only with the Senegalese quarterback who is a permanent poison for the defenseman. In the match between Tite and Montier after going to opt-in for Mané.

« A drive, on an agile, mobile, vertical joust. C'est pourquoi je l'ai choisi comme troisième au monde. Until then, mention is made of Salah as far as the saison dernière is concerned. Only vote in the state after the quai est meilleur, as well as the quintessential camping », A-t-il fait savoir. Advantages of the qualifications of the jury: « C'est un joueur très mobile, agile et habile. You have no trainer with Liverpool ».

All of the experts are conventionally provided by Sadio Mane, who has not received any. Mmeme cette saison, il a débuté tout feu tout flamme.

Sera-t-il le prochain Ballon d'Or après
avoir été oublié au prix UEFA et FIFA The Best?

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