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Tim Burton attracted by marginalism of Dumbo – All news from Guadeloupe on the Internet

Tim Burton was never a circus fan: he did not like animals with cages or, in particular, clowns. On the other hand, the idea of ​​giving up everything for "joining a group of outsiders" has always liked it.

And even more, when the show is a baby elephant, who knows how to fly. The 60-year-old American director decided to present his version of Disney's classic Disco.

"What I liked about the Dumbo is simply the image of a flying elephant and marginal. These things attract me a lot," he told AFP, adding that he was called "eccentric" at school.

Which, he believes, partly gave him the freedom to become a person who wants to be, that he does not have to pretend.

"An inadequate person experiences himself in a certain way and uses it in a positive way," as well as in the case of Dumbo, who flies with huge ears making the laughing public, says Tim Burton.

In his film, the animals do not speak – it was already the case with Dumbo's character in Disney – and people occupy a more important place than in an animated version published in 1941.

Unlike the recent remake of "Beauty and the Beast", which was almost modeled on the animated classic since 1991, "Dumbo" Tim Burton is quite far from the original.

"I felt freed because I did not have too much to follow" the original plot, he trusts. "Because in the end, it's not really a story, it's a very simple story."

He, however, kept some scenes like a very poignant visit to the closed mother's elephant.

In this film, released on March 23 in the US and 27 in France, Dumbo was born in the Max Circus of Max Medici (Dani Devito) and entrusted to Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell), a veteran who lost his hand for time of the First World War and therefore its prestigious circus number.

– The elephant spirit –

To add to his frustration, this widower fails to create a relationship with his children who discover the talent of Dumbo when holding a feather with the coffin.

The biggest challenge for this feature recorded in a study near London was that the main character was not on the scene: the baby elephant was generated by a computer. And Tim Burton saw the end result only two weeks ago.

"We had stuffed animals, we had a boyfriend, Ed, who taught many views of the elephants and who was very valuable because he made him more interactive," says Edward. in the hands of money "," Dreamy cavity "or" Batman: challenge. "

He found himself in front of his cameras Dani Devito and Michael Keaton, a hostile duo of his Batman. This time, Kiton plays the villain V. A. Vandevere, owner of an amusement park who wants to use Dambbo.

Tim Burton's first work was in Disney, but "I did not have the patience to make an animation." "I have a story with them … (…) It's like a family story weird, with ups and downs like in every family."

If there is a habit of movies with monsters, Tim Burton welcomes classic Disney movies, the fact that they face difficult issues like death, the division of families who, according to him, are now taboo in some audiences.

He remembers the Pinocchio projection (1940) in which "crying children and parents said," Oh God, Oh my God. "

"What has changed? The world has become worse, but people are becoming more protective, I do not understand very well," he says.

His projects?

He denied that he was preparing a sequel to "Bettlejuice" (1988): "I want to move forward and rush faster" to reject this idea, joking for this two-time Oscar nominee. These prestigious film awards haunt his dreams.

"I'm going to make movies all the time, to win Oscars, because it's a grueling process," says the director. "I just feel lucky to film movies."

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