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Tianjakuni Magal: Sochna Ada opposes Serine Saliu Tijun

Ngabu and Dianatu Mahwa are now two Tianjakuni Fijians who celebrated Magal in the split. Sohna Ada, who challenges the selection of Serine Saliu Thun as their community guide, chose her path, followed by many talisman who killed many animals. The "Dyanatu Mahva" sounded more difficult than usual.

It was the first Magal post-Betio. For the first time in Tianjakunus' history, Sheikh Betio's talisman celebrated the 18th Safar Division. They were torn between Ngabow, the Sohna Ada Diallo stronghold, and Dianatu Mahwa where the residence of Serine Saliu Tiyun, a Tianyakuna enthroned by General Khalid Murides, resided. While a third group decided to go unnoticed by celebrating The Tube on the Street Tube. Like any student. The meeting was fueled by the death of Tianjakuna's founder, who caused divisions. But the fracture is a void. Suleiman Ndayai joined Ngabow to celebrate 18 Safar along with Sohna Ajda Diallo Tune who showed all his power yesterday: "The Sheikh's last will was to succeed his wife." : "Never in the history of Islam has a woman failed to have a husband or father. No question about being a woman's talent, ”says one of them. This young Tianjakuna, who lives in Tuba District 28, commemorating the 125th edition of Tuba's Big Mile, is consumed with bitterness: "We are not a cake to share. No one will be able to replace Serinej Sheikh Betio Tijun in our hearts. From now on, I am convinced that I have lost my way to the sea. "Dianatu is still frozen in mourning, even if the shadow of their guide hovers above their glory. "Sheikh does not deserve this war of positions between his wife and his son. Especially because this day was the most important thing for the sheikh, "he regrets.

Sohna Ada Diallo: "Sheikh Betio Selected Me …"
In Ngabow and Dianatu Mahwa, "royal" breakfasts were distributed to perpetuate this legacy of Sheikhs who served food to his flock and scarves throughout the event during which he demonstrated his power. In a speech, Sheikh Betio's eldest son invited the Taliban "to pray for eternal remnants of their sad religious leader after they paid tribute to the wives of my late father Sohna Aisha, Mame Kane and Sohna Mbose". While the other Sheikh's women lingered behind Sohna Ada Diallo, who intends to remain Tianjakunus' leader "because Sheikh Betio chose me to run his Caliphate." "By next year, everyone will be convinced that Sheikh has chosen me. I won't lie to anything in the world. What Sheikh Bettio Teyun did for me is visible and unmistakable, "she says calmly. You have never seen wives behave this way. "We are one and indivisible," said Sohna Aida, reinforced by the presence of some wives such as Sohna Bator and Sohna Alja Saliu. It is an "accomplice" created by the late husband Sheikh Betio Tijun. “During his life, Sheikh Betio Tijun entrusted me to Sohna Bator and Sohna Alja Saliu. And since then, they have kept this sacred link that unites us. Those who say they are my wives did not understand anything. By the time we speak, they are giving me adia (donation). And on the occasion of this Magal, Sohna Alja gave me 550 million F Cfa (Sic) and Bator 480 million F Cfa (Sic) as adi. I was never accepted to give them anything, just for Magal's preparations. Sohna Adja supports Sohna Ada by swearing loyalty: "I am and will be with you. I'll do whatever you ask me. You are my guide and you will remain so. "Clap end!

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