Sunday , April 18 2021

"This man lost all credibility in the leading Senegalese and Senegalese"

"I am amazed by the statement given today by Makki Sal on the end of the prayer Eid-al-Fitr for the BBC case – oil and gas from Senegal. This man does not respect his people and has arrived At a level of contempt and unimaginable contempt, here is the man who , sacrificing Califa for a thousand times less serious charges, comes to throw us into the figure that he and his family are crossing over 15 million Senegalese.

Since the beginning of this controversy, its various outings and those of members of his government are filled with untruths to confuse the mind. Always, the strategy was to try to light a counter-fire with a false hiding behind the argument of alleged "manipulation of opponents" or "an attempt to destabilize our country by dark forces." Even courage, in the face of undeniable facts, keep the low profile due to the need for a simple mea cult.

I, Ousmane Sonko, accuse him of being the sole responsible for this corruption that hides dozens of others. He is responsible for the characteristic facts of high treason, as I have already developed in my book "Oil and Gas Senegal: Chronic Spoliation". This man lost all credibility to lead Senegal and Senegalese.

I call on Senegalese and Senegalese, especially this sacrificed and forgotten youth, to mobilize massively and continuously in the coming days, to protest against all scandals that violate their rule until appropriate measures are taken. This is not a fight of a man or group. For once, the Senegalese must assume and declare themselves against such a level of betrayal of their sovereignty by a bunch of state adventurers.

Dakar, June 5, 2019

Ousmane SONKO

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