Thursday , January 21 2021

These routers for consumers hide a serious security flaw

Chinese routers sold under the Jetstream, Ematic or Wavlink brands contain a back door, back door that allows Internet access. This shortcoming allows remote code execution and control of the device, as well as attack on other devices connected to the network.

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On routers made in China and sold by Amazon, eBay and Walmart contain a door Stealth allowing intruder to control them remotely, according to the site CyberNews. Three cyber security researchers from the site first discovered a error Of the type back door in brand devices Jetstream, sold exclusively by US supermarket giant Walmart.

The vulnerability allows the intruder to remotely execute the code and intercept all data passing through the router. Researchers have noticed an attempt to exploit it back door to turn them into zombie related devices Botnet Mirai. The problem is not limited to the router, because once it is compromised, it can be used to attack connected equipment. Additionally, the devices contain a script to detect and connect to other networks Wi-Fi close.

Hidden graphical interface

The flaw still requires a legitimate user connected to the router, which then allows remote connections without ensuring that it is the same session. The intruder then accesses a hidden graphical interface other than the user administration console. Devices are also sold under the Ematic brand, and researchers have found the same defect in routers as in repeaters Wi-Fi, from the Wavlink brand. The two companies offer almost identical devices, and would be subsidiaries of Winstars Technology.

Investigators tried to contact the manufacturer in February without receiving a response. Therefore, they advise anyone who bought a router from one of these brands to immediately turn it off, to analyze all their devices for the presence of a virus, and change all of them Passwords.

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