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These imperative reforms of the CFA franc

This is confirmed by letters sent to the Constitutional Council as part of the sponsorship. "We wrote three letters to the Constitutional Council. These letters remained unanswered … This means that they were in the logic to try to find ways to not remove … When we make untruths in a decision of the Constitutional Council, it is difficult for those who submitted complaints to think they will probably be heard, "he adds.

According to the former prime minister, the issue of the franchise CFA is a source of great debate, but unfortunately it is too passionate. However, a representative of the Central Bank of West African States believes that a debate must begin. "Politicians and leaders of the West African Economic and Monetary Union member states must be involved in a debate on this issue," he said.

In the opinion of the economist, there are two important things: "BCEAO must first communicate and explain what a CFA franc is, because, unfortunately, few know this. And there are CFA francs, areas of important and necessary reforms.

"Political leaders of the Umoah countries must consider reforming the CFA franchise to points such as denomination, fixed parity or not, the place of France's representation in organs such as the board of directors, etc." said the guest of Sans Détour .

As for the Senegalese, Abdul Mbabe is convinced that Senegal's economic development must rely on a woman who will become an agent for economic production.


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