Wednesday , January 27 2021

The resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu ignited Catalonia, the Madrid press delighted with the heroes of Real Madrid

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The Bartomeu earthquake shakes Catalonia

In Spain, it was a real explosion that shook the whole of Catalonia last night. Contrary to all expectations, Josep Maria Bartomeu has resigned as president of FC Barcelona. Loud information that makes daily headlines Sports : «Bartomeu throws in the towel»! «He resigned after the Catalan government refused to postpone the censorship vote“Because the criticism has been going on for months, and his position has been unsustainable since the real-fake start of Lionel Messi this summer. Of course, sports news is obscured in Catalonia and Sports world also gives its coverage to this information: “they resign“The pro-Barça newspaper is on fire! The referendum generated by the census proposal was to take place, so instead of waiting for a crack, Bartomeu changed his mind and decided to take the lead by resigning, which was immediately accepted. This ends his term, which began in 2014. Sports also catches this thunder and indicates that “Bartomeu finally surrenders.“But before leaving, the former president of Barcelona dropped the last bomb, as stated by Keeper on its front page: “Bartomeu says that Barcelona will join the European Super League“Sidewalk in the pond that will probably cause a lot of noise in the coming weeks.

Madrid pays tribute to its heroes

In Madrid, the incredible outcome of the match between Borussia Monchengladbach and Real Madrid made the title of Brand ! After his big victory in the Clasico against Barça this weekend, Zidane’s team was expected in the Champions League. But he complicated life with a lead of 2 goals to 0 in the 87th minute. But, as the pro-Madrid newspaper points out on its front page: “The first commandment of the Madrid Convention is to never give up“In great difficulty, the Merengues were able to raise their heads in the final minutes to grab the unexpected draw (2-2) which allows them to stay alive in the competition. HOW, is “a point that sustains faith.»«Madrid avoided disaster with a goal in the 87th and another in the 93rd in a match that did not deserve to be lost.“And there is one small event that did not go unnoticed in Belgium, it is the return of Eden Hazard to the country, after a two-month absence. The last hour is delighted: “Azar is finally back!»

Inter already up to the wall

We end this round of press in Italy, where in the other match of Group B, Inter and Shakhtar failed to decide (0-0). A disappointing draw that covers them Gazeta delo Sport announcing the color for the sequel: “Conte must now beat Zizu »! «Inter are gone, qualifying now comes down to victories over Real Madrid», Warns the newspaper with pink paper. For its part, Corriere dello Sport believes that “it becomes difficult for Inter.“Antonio Conte regrets, but it will not change anything:”We deserved to winThe Italian said after the meeting. Finally, Tutosport rejoices at the long-awaited clash tonight between Juve and FC Barcelona. While we are looking forward to the reunion between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, this will not happen in the end, because the Portuguese is still positive about Covid-19 and still has to wait. The Turin daily calls the Old Lady “to win for CR7»!

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