Monday , October 21 2019
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The reasons for Ali Ngouille Ndiaye

In collaboration with the Center for the Study of Science and Technology (CESTI), Americans wanted to offer elements for reporters who will be on the ground to cover the presidential election. Only, the ceremony of delivering these vests to be held on Wednesday in Ceshty was canceled at the last moment.

After verification, it turned out that the interior minister opposed such an operation. And Ali Ngouille Ndiaye was quick to give reasons.

According to the daily A, the country's first policeman took the US ambassador to ask for an explanation of the presence of the American flag on the vests that were to be given to Senegalese journalists.

"Why are wires coming from the United States? If journalists want to be fitted with vests, why do they not orient themselves towards the state of Senegal who can provide them?" Asked by Ali Ngouille Ndiaye, who seems to remind Yenkis that the presidential election is a Senegalese- In any case, Cesti's section on Cesti has offended the attitude of the authorities, which it describes as "draconian".

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