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The governor of Dakar is taking matters into his own hands


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Illegal emigration: Dakar governor takes matters into his own hands

As part of the fight against illegal immigration, Dakar Regional Governor Al Hassan Al-Sal organized a Committee for Regional Development (CDD) to raise awareness among young people about funding programs for them. The governor used the same opportunity to announce a vigilance committee to condemn all canoeing plans. It was attended by the National Coordinator of the Delegation for Rapid Entrepreneurship (Der), Pope Amadou Sar, and the National Coordinator of the Community Agricultural Program (Prodak), Pope Malik Ndur.

According to Al Hassan Sal, this CRD is organized to listen, to talk to young people to answer their problems. “We want to end illegal immigration and offer them alternatives because we have announced the participation of various government actors, especially those in charge of supervising and supporting young people for everything that is funding, training,” explains Mr. Sal.

According to the governor of the Dakar region, the youth are committed to the support of the state to oppose this phenomenon. To materialize this, they seek first and foremost to establish a consultation framework between Der, Prodak and all structures working with young people.

“We have also kept in perfect understanding with the actors, so there are precautionary committees so that any information about travel plans will be condemned by the authorities so that it can be put to an end.” He said.

For his part, Pope Malik Ndur, National Coordinator of the Community Agricultural Program (Prodak), stressed that the main task is not only to fund young people, but also to accompany and train them in agricultural entrepreneurship.

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