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The cultural agenda from Sunday 12 November

The cultural agenda from Sunday 12 November

The cultural agenda from Sunday 12 November

New issue of the cultural agenda for the week of November 12th. A shorter week due to a longer weekend, but still plenty of events to miss!

Early death of a singer popular in the life of a lifetime by Weidi Muawad and Arthur X, in Terret de la Colin

New play by Terret de la Colin, Early death of a singer popular in the life of a lifetime tells the story of Alice, a musician at the height of her career. This incredible blend of director and singer Waji Muwad and Arthur X will surprise you with his lyrics, music and songs.

Dates: November 13 to December 29

Location: Phil Theater

More info: here

infinity Boris Harmat at the Nantes-Amandiers Theater

In the changing room of the Nantes-Amandiers Theater, infinity Boris Harmatz dances around this key term, as stated in the title. Illuminating between the impression of immeasurable and disturbing emptiness, this show is a truly metaphysical reflection on this poetic dance art.

Dates: November 13-16

Location: Nantes-Amandiers Theater

More info: here

New Vietnam Circus in La Ville

After five years of absence, the New Vietnam Circus settles in La Violet to present its latest show about the culture of Kyo, the Vietnamese people. Dances, acrobatics and music are articulated in this universe where man seems to come into union with nature.

Dates: From November 6 to December 1

Venue: Espasie Chapito in La Ville

More info: here

Christian Boltanski, "Make Time", at the Pompidou Center

From November 13, you can come and admire the Boltanski exhibition at the Pompidou Center. A retrospective of the work of a multi-faceted artist. Visual artist, photographer, sculptor, painter or director, Christian Boltanski is a touch and a prostitute whose talent is unlimited.

Dates: From November 13, 2019 to March 16, 2020

Location: Paris Pompidou Center

More info: here

The 34th Festival attracts Belfort, an international film festival

Each year, the Belfort Entrevues Festival puts the spotlight on cinema dedicated to young contemporary creativity and actors' retrospectives. For the 2019 release, 12 feature films and 13 short and medium films are in competition and can be watched. Who will be the next winner of the Janine Bazin or Eurox One + one award? Reply on November 25th.

Dates: November 18-25

Location: Belfort

More info: here

Aras Film Festival

As it celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, the Aras Film Festival has grown a bit. Available to all movie lovers, from the popular to the author, it is again a challenge to make the audience laugh in tears. At the end of the festival, the Gold and Silver Atlas rewards the favorite jury and the best scene.

Dates: November 8 to 17

Location: Arras

More info: here

Visual: Aras Film Festival

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