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the cathedral enclosure adapted in mini-series

Notre-Dame-de-Paris is a broadcasting company. The event is set to launch six months in a row on an English TV series, announcing a 14 October release of the Production Society, confirming information from the American magazine Variety.

This mini-series is adapted from one of the two New York Times The catastrophe of April 15, 2019 is underway, and is due to be diffused by 2021, according to vendor Philippe Rousselet (Les femmes du 6e etage, La famille Bélier), which coproduces the projects with Pathé. Producer ratchets the adaptation details of the artifact and collar with the American quotation mark on the series, which has a computing quadrature of six episodes. The series of films shot mainly in English, but the presentations of the personages have different lenght.

"On this plus the near realism of faults, by Phillippe Rousselet à l 'AFP. On top of the fact that there is a development of the series, it does not appear to determine the cause of the feud. "Selon Variety, the projects have inspired the mini-series HBO phenomena Chernobyl. "This inspiration in manners does not seem dramatically explored, with its multiple points, different angles, and by means of personas that seem to play an important role in the narrative," by Ardavan Safaee, the president of the Pathé production society.

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