Friday , April 16 2021

Taylor Swift publishes colorful new videos

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New York (AFP)

The new video of singer Taylor Swift, in which the cats are in the spotlight, came out early Friday morning, a light-colored video accompanying "ME!", The newest part of the American pop star.

"How dare you and your daughters and more", began in French in the text, the princess of the pop-dog before she started singing. She then shows two cats witnessing the argument with her partner, played by the singer Brandon Uri Panic Group! in Disco, which also gives voice.

"+ Me! + Is a song to accept his individuality, to celebrate and take ownership," said the fourth girl from Tennessee to ABC yesterday.

"With a pop song, we have the opportunity to create a melody that remains in the minds of people," the singer continued on the ground. "I just want her to make them feel better about themselves," said the 29-year-old.

In the piston, Taylor Swift dances and sings in a semi-psychedelic universe with film influences between Mary Poppins and Umbrella umbrellas.

Taylor Swift, a teenage star, has recently experienced a downturn in the music industry, winning only one nomination for the latest Grammys, music awards in the United States.

However, at a commercial level, a young woman born in Pennsylvania does not have to worry. His latest world tour, reportedly reported by Billboard, has posted $ 345.7 million in seven months.

And his success has not been denied. Fourteen hours after the release of his video on Youtube, he had already seen nearly 28 million times.

Taylor Swift has not yet released details of the release of the new album, but will be on the list of music Cats, which will be released on December's screens.

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