Saturday , June 12 2021

Strategic Advice and Hydrocarbon Africa: Endeavor Management and Centurion Allies

It is no longer a question of the fact that the only English or Chinese people share the significant effects of African wealth. It is time for American companies to enter the dance. That's all that entry into the Texas society of Endeavor Management can bring to the continent. Houston-based Endeavor Management is a consulting firm specializing in the hydrocarbon industry. In a strategic alliance with Centurion's pan-African law firm, they will provide advisory services to governments, national oil companies and other African-based companies, including project appraisal, operational, technical and commercial expertise. as well as legal services. "The strategic alliance between our two organizations enables us to expand our advisory services and further support the hydrocarbon industry by building on our existing relationships in Africa." I would like to thank James Harris, an executive consultant at Endeavor Management, who helped build the Relationship between our two organizations has contributed, "said Bruce Crager, executive vice president of Endeavor Management in a press release from the Apo Group letter

NJ Ayuk, CEO of Centurion Group, is pleased to partner with one of the most experienced companies in the oil and gas industry. "This will only increase our work and our customers across Africa." With our pro-African strategy, Endeavor will help African companies and national oil companies maximize their value alongside Centurion, which is the best of American ingenuity and will work for African interests. "

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