Tuesday , January 26 2021

Star: Elon Musk reveals date of first flight of prototype SN8 at high altitude

For several years, SpaceX develops a new generation of full and fast one-time space transport system designed not only for launching satellites, but also for evacuating crew and cargo The moon then to Mars.

SN8 is certainly the most successful prototype of Arsvezden ship. The first is actually equipped with A. the nose. Elon Musk confirmed that it had just successfully – for the second time replaced one of the machine’s three engines – on the side of Boca Chica (Texas, USA), one of the classic stages of protocol development: update fire static

Next week – November 30 – he should fly for a test flight at high altitude. While previous prototypes did not exceed several hundred meters in altitude, the SN8 must fly up to 15 kilometers. It is several miles longer than cruise planes.

But already, Elon Musk estimates that his chances of a safe landing are only one in three, claiming that “This is why the Starship SN9 and SN10 projects exist”.

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