Saturday , October 19 2019
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Squeezie and Cyprien live tonight on Twitch

Squeezie and Cyprien will be in the theater tonight! They will replay the play by William Shakespeare. Romeo and Giulia live from the Barriere casino d'ingriene Le Ben (Il-de-France). But also live Twitch's streaming.

Squeezie and Cyprien, in Romeo and Juliet

The story begins in late 2018, when Squeezie and Cyprien lose the Youtube warrior against McFly & Carlito. After this, they receive a pledge, and not just: Repeat the famous play by William Shakespeare.

The result, tonight, youtubeurs will have to be in love with the Barrière Casino at Enghien les Bains. Real success, because the room will be sold out. Good action also because the whole Kim Recipe will be donated to the association Comme les Autres that accompanies the lives of people with disabilities.

Live event

If you have not had time to buy your place, know that the show will be broadcast in full and will live tonight at 9 pm. You will be able to follow it by going to the Turn of Squeezie chain or the Squeezielive chain. Reproduction is also planned for the McFly & Carlito Youtube channel on February 10th.

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