Saturday , July 31 2021

Sheikh Bethyo Tion prepared his tomb

Himself, who opened the revelation on Tuesday, May 7, 2012, while receiving his students, recalls a critic who has taken Serine Saliu told me that all the villages that she built can be compared to the religious city of Tuba and Madinatul Salam is one of them. So I told my children that I want to be buried in Madinatul Salam when I give up. Saliu, who ordered me and Sergiu Saliu, is my only treasure. I have nothing to look elsewhere.

To mark his desire with a white stone, marabout himself built "his own home" in the chosen corner of his property. The choice of the family that led the Taliban to Medinutul Salam yesterday was enough to understand that the strict will of the family and the Taliban was to preserve the will at the end of the marabout and to facilitate its will to sleep forever in its area. At the moment when the religious family is busy returning the remains of Sheikh, as well as his funeral, the debate refers to the position that the children of the marabut will adopt before this shock. Indeed, after convincing the court, the marabout's legacy is more relevant than ever, especially with regard to the sequestration ordered by the judge to take over his entire property.

Faced with a joint 100m-euro fine for a victim, Ceik Betio's heirs can reduce their hopes of enjoying the many assets of their father. In a polygamous family with all the tangled around the main character remain centered on Betio, it will be a restraining and blessing to prevent the viewing of the legacy from the Thiantacounes guide.

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