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Serie A – AC Milan: A Return by Alexandre Pato? The player answers


Despite some clear chances Toulouse lost against the team of Amiens very realistic (0: 1). The Picards leave the town of Barragiste while the violets continue their evil series.

The debriefing

Football is all about efficiency. The match between Toulouse and Amiens made it possible to perfectly illustrate this ruthless observation, which some no doubt consider commonplace. Throughout the game violets could secure numerous opportunities. However, they did not convert because of the cross (3rd), Regis Gurtner (14th, 25th, 39th, 69th), the brave defense of Amois or the VAR, which prompted the referee to score a goal from Max-Alain Gradel, the with an offside position for at least very slightly (66.) spoiled cancel. The TFC has tried everything, nothing was done: The ball did not end at the end of the nets. The CSA did not go that far and found fault with its only shot of the game, signed by Alexis Blin. The player loaned by … armed a shot from the right that Baptiste Reynet was unable to redirect (27.).

Without trust, the Toulouse have thrown their entire strength in battle at the end of the meeting. There are now ten games in a row (in all competitions) without victory for the Haut-Garonne, who are stuck in doubt and it will have a hard time to stop this negative spiral in two weeks in the Parc des Princes. Nothing's going well for the Pink City Club, but the Samaria feel a little better now. Realistically, the men of Christophe Pelissier were able to stay firm until the end, thanks in particular to a harness in a great shape. The Amiens win their first out of season win and leave the Place de Barragiste.

The movie of the game

3rd minute
First opportunity for Toulouse! Alarmed on the left side, Max-Alain Gradel accelerates the surface and winds the right side. Regis Gurtner is defeated by his cross! The action continues and Aaron Leya Iseka can not push the ball into the ground after a cross from Jimmy Durmaz!

14th minute
Full-length served by Yannick Cahuzac, Max-Alain Gradel throws a shot from the right. Régis Gurtner works fast and kidnaps the Ivorian attempt! François Moubandjé follows well, but strikes the goalkeeper friend!

25th minute
Christopher Jullien fends off a corner that hit Jimmy Durmaz. At the far post Manu Garcia shoots the ball from a short distance from the head. Régis Gurtner is on parade!

27th minute (0-1)
Amiens opens the scoring! After a double pass with Saman Ghoddos, Alexis Blin beats right at the entrance to the surface. Baptiste Reynet can only scratch the ball, ending his race deep in the net!

39th minute
Jimmy Durmaz wins the ball around Amiens and serves Aaron Leya Iseka, who tries his luck. Régis Gurtner stops the ball in two steps!

84th minute
In a long contact Firmin Mubele dodges the head of Max-Alain Gradel, who controls the ball and regains his right. The try of the former Stephanois is just over the goal held by Régis Gurtner!

94th minute
After a free-kick by Jimmy Durmaz, the balloon sails and Max-Alain Gradel appears to place his head. Regis Gurtner relaxes well and keeps the danger away!

Tops and flops


Last season, Regis GURTNER was one of the main craftsmen in the maintenance of Amiens in Ligue 1. This Saturday, former goalkeeper Luzenac fitted perfectly and fended off many disadvantageous attempts (14th, 25th, 39th, 94th). He hated the attackers Toulouse, especially Max Alain Gradel.

Alexis BLIN played a nasty trick on his training club. The player loaned by Toulouse, the only scorer in the game (27th), has won many balls and has been able to help his defense with his contribution. He did not celebrate his achievement, which only honors him.

Although he did not get an open opportunity, Saman GHODDOS was very helpful on the CSA side. The Iranian served as a base for his teammates and was in his transmissions. The decisive player for Alexis Blin (27) was replaced by Stiven Mendoza (81).


Aaron LEYA ISEKA Is it really a suspension income? Second game in a row and second disappointing performance of the Belgian striker who was everywhere … and nowhere. Replaced by Firmin Mubele (80.).

Cosiness technical, MANU GARCIA Sometimes one tends to make it easy in one's own camp. The Spaniard is often beaten physically in a duel and has all too rarely claimed his passport quality. In addition to the action, the goal finally rejected the offside (66.).

Yannick CAHUZAC takes advantage of injury to Ibrahim Sangaré to tie in midfield. Corsica was usually so precious for rest that it did not perform well and sometimes had a light mark. He has left too many fields for Alexis Blin, who was able to correct his shot (27.).

Referee to be reported

There were tensions on the lawn, but Mr. Wattellier could be respected. The referee was able to rely on his video assistants to deny a goal in Toulouse for a half-time halfway Matthieu Dossevi (66). The VAR also challenged the man at the end of the game in black, after allegedly a hand – and not proven – Thomas Monconduit in his area (97th).

The game sheet

L1 (13th day) / TOULOUSE – AMIENS: 0-1

City Stadium (about 13,830 spectators)
Good weather – lawn in good condition
referee : M.Wattellier7)

aim : Blin (27.) for Amiens

warnings K.Sidibé (45.), Gradel (80.), Cahuzac (89.) for Toulouse – Adenon (31.) for Amiens

expulsion : None

Reynet (5) – Moreira (5), Amian (5), Jullien (5), Moubandjé (5) – K. Sidibe (5) then Dossevi (58.), Cahuzac (4) – Durmaz (6), Manu Garcia (4), Gradel (cap) (6) – Leya Iseka (3) then Mubele (79.)

Did not participate : Goicoechea (g), I.Sylla, Bostock, Bodiger, John
Trainer A. kasanova

Gurtner (8th) – Gouano (cap) (5) then Otero (55.), Adenon (6), Dibassy (6) – Krafth (5), Monconduit (6), Blin (6), Lefort (5) – Gnahore (6), Ghoddos (6) then Mendoza (81st), Ganso (6) then El Hajjam (72.)

Did not participate : Dreyer (g), Kurzawa, Bodmer, Timite
Trainer : C.Pélissier

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