Wednesday , January 27 2021

Season 3 of American Gods: Fantasy series release date revealed

The third season of the fantastic series American Gods is coming soon!

Good news for fans of the series! The American TV channel Starz has just revealed the official release date for season 3 d’American Gods, including actor Ivan Reon (Game of Thrones) is part. And the least we can say is that they will not wait long to discover the new outburst of episodes. Indeed, the dantesque show mixing mythology and new technologies with a fantastic sauce will make its big comeback in 2021, on january 10th. It remains to be seen when the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video will decide to share it with his followers.

The information was revealed on the official Twitter account of the series through a rather evocative image. And with good reason, the fans ofAmerican gods (and more precisely Neil Gaiman’s best-selling novel) will recognize Klunker’s sign in the Hinselmann store that the townspeople use in the annual raffle. As a reminder, the series has chosen a brand new host and executive producer for the third season. This is the screenwriter Charles Egle who has already worked on famous shows Living dead and Dexter. “The British novelist, meanwhile, has promised to make history this third season.”on rails“Comments intended to reassure fans disappointed with the previous season’s dangerous and complex plot. Also discover these incomprehensible series that are supposed to be really good.

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