Thursday , April 22 2021

Saturday, Garasil number 4 in the daily square will be the base of Turfomania

Twenty competitors will compete today in major racing spring obstacles (group Iii), supporting a test of the day quinté, over a distance of 4300 meters in Auteuil.

Garasil, number 4 in the afternoon of this afternoon in Auteuil will be our basic game not to be missed.

The basis of the game Turfomania in the quintet of Saturday at AuTeil

Garasil (4): François Nicol, Garasil, retired during the previous year, by matching the benefits of choosing this type of tournament. Author of a good return three weeks ago, he returned to a handicap with logical pretensions to the coronation. By its value, it promises to be competitive for the palm.

General statistics of Garasil

  • Racing runs: 12
  • Beat: 4
  • Uploads: 9
  • Achieving success rate: 33%
  • Set success rate: 75%

Garasil's statistics about the route we are interested in

  • Racing runs: 4
  • Victory: 0
  • Uploads: 3
  • Achieving success rate: 0%
  • Set success rate: 75%

Garasil's statistics with MASURA G.

Garasil will be associated with MASURE G. with success in the first 3 of 75% (6 in 8 races)

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