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Salif Keita: "Africa leaves its culture for another, does not know"

Salif Keita, the author of the album "Other White" and the icon of Mandingo music, expressed his position on the creation of the United States of Africa in a recent interview with AfriqueMagazine.

"I believe in complementarity between continents, a moving world, whites and blacks together. As for pan-Africanism, it will never happen," he said.

Continuing, Salif shouted a joke against the African Union: "The African Union budget is made up of foreign origin, Africans do not understand democracy".

And to rectify, Salif Keita focuses on education: "Africa must learn, to devote itself to better understanding things in their true sense. Education is a priority, let's solve this problem of education and from there, we can go ahead ".

The author of the Mandjou tube urges African countries to draw inspiration from China to see the end of the tunnel: "This country, which was not nothing in the 1950s, has progressed today and preserves its culture while Africa is leaving its culture for another, she does not know, "he warned.

The Malian singer remains confident and urges the African political authorities to establish a genuine political will for the development of the continent.

Adam Hawa


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