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Russia: Serebrennikov is awarded for a performance designed in prison – World

Mr. Serebrennikov, artistic director of the Gogol Center, a theater he transformed into one of the nerve centers of contemporary culture in Moscow, thanked the Russian art community for its "support" Tuesday night, the prestigious Bolshoi Theater in the capital, where the ceremony was broadcast by independent TV DoD.

The director and director continued to work from home during his homeland arrest in the summer of 2017. Since April 8, he can return to theaters and shoot, provided he does not leave the Russian capital.

"I hope you gave me this award because I really liked the piece," he joked, winning the "Golden Mask" as the best drama director with his play "Les Petites Tragedies" and for the best ballet of the season with "Nureyev" dedicated to the famous Soviet dancer.

"I hope the theater community will also support each other in the same way as it supports me," he added.

Charge of embezzlement

Kiril Serebrennikov is accused of embezzling about 130 million rubles (about 2 million francs) of public subsidies for his Moscow theater thanks to a system of quotations and invoices inflated between 2011 and 2014.

When he opened the trial in November, the prosecutor accused him of "coordinating a criminal group" for personal gain.

The director, for his part, replied that he was responsible only for "artistic processes and training programs" and that "he did not steal anything."

Since his arrest in August 2017, many calls for the abolition of charges against him were launched by figures from the world of Russian arts, as well as by international cultural figures.

For his followers, he pays for his freedom of creation and his sometimes bold pieces, interfering with politics, sexuality and religion, in a country where the authorities are pressing for a strong return to traditional and conservative values. (Ps / NXP)

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