Wednesday , April 21 2021

Rosso-Senegal welcomes his daughter Ava Diop in popular joy

About 19 hours on Wednesday, the procession, with the little Awa Diop, was hosted in Rosso-Senegal with a human tide over 500 meters.

From the Cross Roso-Richard-Tol, it is composed of motorcycles Jakarta, cars with a concert of horns, bikes and even young people on foot. The resident of the Aboriginal School in Abu Zainab in the Santiago 3 district of Rosso-Senegal, the Senegalese representative in fourth place at the international Qatar recitation match that ended last weekend in Malaysia, had difficulty getting out. from the car.

Everyone wanted to touch her, to see her express her pride on this worthy daughter of Rosso-Senegal. If it was not the courage of the organizers and the police, the hero of the evening would spend a few moments in his car.

And this is a collective hysteria that violates the "Laa ilahaa ilaa laa", which burst from the huge crowd when it is lifted from the balcony (photos) to greet and pray for everyone.

Already, the association of parents of students from the school is busy for admission scheduled Saturday afternoon where the administrative authorities and some representatives of the Association Imas and Ulemas will take part.

The only false note for this performance from Senegal, the complete absence of the authorities at Blaise Dian Airport at the arrival of the little Ava Diop with the other representative Tierno Omar Sejdu Kanel.

Madine NDAO

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