Friday , April 16 2021

Quinté + Prix Huberta, Friday evening in Vincent. Third success in succession for ALINEA

At CANALTURF, at 6 o'clock, Tiercé and Quarté + for Stephen Davy

Arrival: 13 – 15 – 11 – 8 – 14 (NP: 18)

At the stands and to deal with the climb, the first five horses were BILLO LINEER, Nut Doodle, DANDY GEDE, KIRIUS ON JADE and LIFE OF BOTHFI. Then, at the top of the magnification section, the positions have changed. And they were at the forefront attitude (Photo) and BAMOUR. Follow nearby DANDY GEDE and BADZES AT TILO. To enter the finish line, BAMOUR widening the gap, it seems that it made the difference to go to the function itself. but attitude finished strong and he himself corrected the situation in the last 100 meters. visitor also incredibly ended, pausing, near the resident of Christian Bigeon, the first approach. BAMOUR managed to keep the third place despite the good end of the race. DIOCLES. Extreme outsider BENOIT ROYAL, at more than 100/1, brought good final effort and won the fifth place. CARRIED ON VIVIER, one of the most prominent competitors, was initially wrong and disqualified.

Chronos: 1? 14 "4 – 1? 14" 4 – 1? 14 "6 – 1? 15" 3 – 1? 14 "6

Dai: 6-12

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