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PSG – PSG: Tuckel fists, Paris rises to 30 IU for Gjue

PSG: Tucker Fists, Paris rises to 30 IU for Goya

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The Money Saint Germain Transfer Market comes down to a tremendous showdown between Thomas Tuchel and Antero Henrique.

The Germans' songs were rejected or not by Portuguese, and the second sees that his coaches were rejected by the Paris coach. As a result, no additional reinforcements should be signed unless there is one last major operation. And this Thursday night, Sky Sports suggests that PSG is back in force in the Idrisa Gee file, increasing its bid to 30 IU.

The goal is obviously to convince Everton that this is a proposal that can not be denied. It is Thomas Tuchel's will to lead the Senegalese who caused this awakening, against the opinion of Antero Henrique, who forced him to bring Thiago Mendes. To hell, which could lead to a big debutant midfielder defender, if ever Everton ended up with a bend. Currently, according to the British channel, Liverpool's club is studying the offer, but did not suggest it will accept it or that there is a change in the decision.

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