Sunday , April 11 2021

PSG: Neymar responds to critics

Neymar returned Sunday with Paris Saint-Germain and had the first minutes of the January 23rd match in a Monaco win last week at the Park de Princes. We can find the qualities of the Brazilian, while dribbling and percussion. And unlike the night he was injured by Strasbourg, Montepasco's players did not really get in, avoiding a new controversy about Brazil's playing style, the repeated mistakes he suffered and the exaggerations he committed.

Asked by the Brazilian chain Fox SportsNeymar returned to the eternal critique of the subject. "Many have overtook me by the past: Today, I no longer pay attention, I can not explain myself anymore Those who know me know my face I am aware of everything I have lived and who I am Critics may be related to the way I play on the ground, perhaps the fact that my opponents are annoyed. And in these cases, we begin to prove the right to those who strike and make mistakes compared to those who dribble and achieve ", he explained.

"Barcelona is a club I love"

He also responded to those who were surprised to see him travel a lot during his recovery, especially to see him present at the carnival in Brazil. "There were some exaggerations, but I was hurt, but I was able to go again, I was trained for two months," he said, "the most hurt when the old players criticized me for that." They were players and did much worse than me. That was the only thing that bothered me "Neymar noticed, ready to fight with his slanderers. Finally, he agreed to return, the last time, why he left Barcelona for Paris nearly two years ago.

"The challenge for winning, looking for a novelty, facing new challenges, Barcelona is a club I love, even today. I always talk to my former teammates." I felt that I had arrived at a time when I had to look for something else and get out of my comfort ", he explained. If he does not appear to have complained about his choice, he still could not give everything to PSG, as his two injuries occurred each time in the middle of the season. Maybe the next season …

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