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Polanski dans la tourmente a nouvelle accusation de viol

The accusation of violin accent by Roman Polanski, the premiere portrayed by a Frenchman, relates the poem by the realtor, which was performed by American justice, plus the benefit of more than 40 hours of soutiens in French cinema.

Adèle Haenel, one of the actresses in France plus one of the most acclaimed such advertisers in "attouchements" and "sexual harassment" called teenagers, appeals to "soutenir" Valentine Monnier, la nouvelle accusatrice de Polanski.

The act was aired south of the media, in connection with the media in the Mediapart line, as the Roman Polish situation was, by the American justice in the process of deportation of the mine launched in 1977, constituted "a malicious affair". ".

Quelques near the soundtrack, which aired on French cinema, Le Parisien publicly aired by Valentine Monnier, photographer and mannequin, accusing Roman Polish of the violin violin in 1975 in Suisse alors qu'elle avait dix .

L'avocat de Roman Polanski a "contest full of accusation of viol".

This Franchise does not allow accusations to be made available to other female cells, but it is simply required for such prescriptions. Mais elle affirme avoir deceid de porter publicly accusation de la accusation en France, mercredi prochain, nouveau poland film "J'accuse", Grand Prix du jour à la Venice Sample, qui porte sur un jéléur erre judiciaire, l'affaire Dreyfus.

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