Thursday , April 22 2021

Poitou foundries are rescued

It is not so common that a company in difficulty accepts a commercial court order in this way. " We have a contract, it's locked, it's Freedom that brings us back"Announced by Jean-Philippe Yue, a delegate of CGT Saint-Jean Industries of applause. After months of uncertainty, confirmation of the restoration of foundries in Poitou has been confirmed so far." The Anglo-Indian group Liberty House was elected. " It is obviously facilitated to have the court report at hand and can formalize this recovery and be able to inform employees", Recognizes Jean-Philippe Yuan.

Poitou's foundations are companies over 40 years old, specialized in manufacturing spare parts for cars. Once flourished, they planned to increase their workforce in the 1980s, and then suffered from the fall in sales of diesel cars and outdated means of production.


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