Thursday , April 22 2021

Pene's children release her husband, Cake Betio

His wife's testimonies were not at all enormous for her husband. Children Pene was the first to testify in defense, before her wife Aida Diallo. Sheik's fourth wife returned to what she saw and heard the day of the double murder of Medinatul Salam. "We watched the Yekini / Balla Gaye fight. At this point, Cake Faye came to tell Betty Thion that Bar Seaw and his band were there," the lady replied, with an annoying but firm voice.

She returned to her relationship with her guide, who became her husband on April 13, 2012. "I just got back to my marriage home, and I just married Seek Betto. The wedding was celebrated a week before the fact," recalls Betio's wife, born in 1983.

Children Penee has confirmed several times that only her and her husband are in her room on the night of April 22, 2012, on the day of the double murder of Medinatul Salam. "There were only two, Sheikh Betio and I, there was no other person, and Sheikh Bettjo did not leave the room," said Sheikh's fourth wife, who released her husband.

In cross-examination, the prosecution tried to show that there were contradictions between oral testimony and testimony after the double murder of Medinatul Salam. In particular, the involvement of Sheikh Bethy Thion in the double murder of Medinud Salam. The crown accuses witnesses of changing their testimony while the trial is progressing.

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