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Paul's "coup de tonnerre"

Presidential seat of the Senate and its constitution no. 2 in the constitutional order, which is intended to effect the operation of the function by interference with two companies, without further delay.

About 153 releases, one homosexual, one of Asperger's syndrome et surnommé "WikiPaul"in reference to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, a chute on a historical question. De Gaulle, Pompidou, Giscard d'Estaing or Poher?"

This is the duuxième plus grand champion of the history of "12 midi coupes". "On an adoré vous accompagner". On 16 September 2019, Cyril Hanouna announces a broadcast of Paul's release in the broadcast "Touch to Post". "It is a petty coupon tonnerre, but you just want to run it very tightly and it has to be straightened out.. "lui lance alors Jean-Luc Reichmann. Aujourd'hui, 5 months ago ton arrivée à mes côtés, ne peux mé pas imaginer comme je su fier de ton parcours, two travail that you as fait sur toi-mée and two bonheur that nous avons party ensemble, advance the presenter with qui Paul Avait noué un solen lien.

The circulatory flow of more and more semains on the social networks in Jean-Luc Reichmann rests. "Ne lâche rien Paul, moi you're in lâcherai after ".

Lanimateur a hommage to the personalities Paul: "As you go, you have to force and voluntarily go beyond the critics, the lazy bargains and other buzzers."

Paul n'est pas parvenu to enhance the record Christian Quesada qui a pour sa part quitté le jeu après 192 victoires.

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