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"Papicha" interdit with Alger, but also reprinted Algeria at the Oscars

One of the most recent sex scandal and non-attribution of the prix, the Academy has released 10 October 2018 and 2019 Nobel Laureates in Poland by Olga Tokarczuk and Peter Handke of Austria.

Or, does the Académie a-tle el tire all the nonsense leases for redonner of noblesse letters to prix?

Olga Tokarczuk et Peter Handke. I'm femme, I'm homme. This selection of parite symbols pertinent. Realistically, this is a destination destined to not be risky, after all deux années calamiteuses suite à la decouverte en novembre 2017 décor de sexes partrée par Jean-Claude Arnault, by Marie de Katarina Frostenson, suede de suadige académie.

Notice the exception of the two prix Nobel laureates in the literature, as well as an exclamation point, reports the correspondent in Stockholm, Frédéric Faux. The majorities of journalists and critics present in the suite of the Swedish Academy are a soul of the choir. I'm homme and I'm a femme. C'aitait attendu.

« All the longtemps that Peter Handke has on the Nobel list, note Yukiko Duke, critique littéraire au quotidien suédois Svenska Dagbladet. This is not the case after lobbying for the cause of these political positions. What a choice for Nobel laureate politically correct, but Olga Tokarczuk lest! Je crois que c'est un choix très equilibré. The crème de l'Annee has yet to be finalized for the Academy. Beaucoupe of douleurs, et de luttes, mais elle est sur la bonne voix »

Pour la première fois dans sono histoire, the Swedish Academy of Fine Arts dans travail by a comedy of cinematic Swedish critics, who devoted his time to the Nobel 2020 choir.

Olga Tokarczuk et ses universe inattendus

Avec Tokarczuk, the Polish novelist plus the tradition in Monde, et Handke, a literary figure in the length range of about 50 ans, the Graal of characters symbolized by the navigation of the nauveau in the eaux plus apaises.

L'crivaine polonaise remplace quelque sort laureate du 'Nobel alternatif', Maryse Condé, released in October 2018 by a group of Swedish intellectuals. On January 29, 1962, in a family of saints in Sulechow, in the city of Pologne, Olga Tokarczuk is respected for this universe of inertia, oscillating between relativity, mystique and metaphysics, entre philosophie et ecology.

Sa dernière œuvre, Les livres de Jakob, published in 2014 and first by Nike, plus prestigieux prix literaire de la Pologne, race this stupefied historian, Jakob Frank, who is waiting for Messie… Olga Tokarczuk, quant to elle, and then encapsulate the menus de mort pour avoir « last year renamed Pologne et des Polonais », Après avoir mis in question le mythe d'une Pologne tolérante et accueillante.

This eclectic ecologist and vegetarian has 57 years of experience in screenwriting Spoor, long métrage d'Agnieszka Holland et son de roman On the mortars, Alfred-Bauer's prix at the Berlinale.

Peter Handke et « Outrage au public »

Peter Handke, the winner of the Nobel Prize-winning Literature 2019, is one of the authors of plus and minus the Germanophone monde. Au-delà de sesse essays, recipes et romance, or an acquis of great public interest in collaboration with Wim Wenders, cinema des Ailes du desir.

Fortement influenced by the French franchises such as Georges Bernanos, Alain Robbe-Grillet et Nouveau Roman, a year ago in Chaville, Paris. It was bent in the literary style until it debuted in 1970 L'Angoisse du gardien de but at the moment du pénalty et sa pièce Outrage au public.

Peter Handke is long-lasting for the ability to model motors and landing as a material that is highly flexible, tactile and inappropriate. There are a number of ways to go around the universe, a critique of the Nobel Prize as inauthentic: Il faudrait enfin le supprimer. C'est i fausse canonization »Qui« in the report of the au lecteur ». Aujourd'hui, a demi-tour and promis d'aller chercher le prix à Stockholm.

À 76 years, this author, in both Slovenia and all allemand, a quasi-poetic derrière lui. In the 1990s, it introduced one of the most pro-Serbian occidental incursions into the funeral of Slobodan Milosevic's ex-president, to behead the incarnation of crimes committed against humanitarian groups by Serb groups. .

Until now, publicly available form autocritique in 2016, not available Les innocents, moi et l'inconnue au départemental.

Plus the diversity?

As with Olga Tokarczuk and Peter Handke, the Académie respect the homme-femme paris longtemps négligée, but there is a noticeable decency perpetrated by a certain classicism. Décerner deux prix Nobel de littérature a la année aurait ouvrir de nouveaux horizons. Mais, with the exception of Polonais and Allemand, rests in the top 10 of the primary langues. On the lamp you instantiate a dynamic nouveau, by exemplifying the relation with the lecturers.

In the past, the Nobel Alternative has expanded into a new mode of selection of carriers. Each of the four finalists was selected by the jury. All three others have been nominated by interns for the purpose of avoiding conflicts and other crimes found in the Scandal. 32 000 votes were cast to select one nominee in the list of 46 screens created by libraries.

Plus the prestigieux des prixes literati au tou aussi will also be attributed to one auteur in a neglected geographical area. Released in 1987 by the Accreditation Porter, with the addition of non-European accreditation for attendance but no « global distribution », By Nigerian Wole Soyinka (1986) rests on the auteur d'Afrique noire in the title of Nobel Prize-winner, and one of the most quintessential quotes of all, with Egyptian Naguib Mahfouz ( 1988), les deux Sud-Africains Nadine Gordimer (1991) and John Coetzes (2003). RFI

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