Monday , May 17 2021

On Saturday, Cleangame number 2 in the daily quintet will be the base game of Turfomania

Fifteen contestants will compete today at the Prix Du Luxembourg, the event to support the Quintet of the Day, at a distance of 2100 meters in Paris Vincenzes.

Cleangame, number 2 in the afternoon this afternoon in Paris, Vincentnes will be our basic game not to be missed.

The basis of the game Turfmania in the quintet of Saturday in Paris Vincenzes

Cleangame (2): We are more accustomed to seeing how he develops courses, but for his only three attempts to get started, he has 2 wins and disqualification. OBM always knows what it does and does not show it by chance. He worked properly and would know how to prove it, especially since he is present.

General statistics of Cleangame

  • Running runs: 34
  • Win: 20
  • Uploads: 23
  • Achieving success rate: 59%
  • Setting success rate: 68%

Cleangame statistics about the route we are interested in

  • Race: 1
  • Victory: 0
  • Uploads: 0
  • Achieving success rate: 0%
  • Set-up rate: 0%

Cleangame statistics with BASE JM

Cleangame will be associated with BAZIRE J. M. with a success rate in the first 3 of 100% (9 placed in 9 races)

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