Saturday , April 10 2021

Neymar's terrible year

We are only half way, and yet, the year 2019 is already the worst of Neymar's career. The formulation of his package for Copa America, to be held in his homeland, is a new blow to a season that has gone bad since last January. By January 23, everything went very well, with 20 goals scored in the first half of the season and a qualification earned for the Champions League of 16 despite the strong group. And then came the match in Strasbourg and the injury to the fifth metatarsal on the right leg. Neymar withdrew from the injury a year earlier, almost at the same time. And he is kept for the knockout stages of the Champions League against Manchester, but also for a possible quarter-final.

Not available in two and a half months, Neymar remains controversial, especially his lifestyle, which some consider to be suspicious. For example, he was seen dancing for a carnival in Brazil while he was in a stage of rehabilitation. Back in Paris to attend the eighth finals to return to Manchester United, a match that should be a formality, Neymar's cracks face the incredible scenario of the match. He passed on the lawn, he attacked the judges and posted sharp comments on social networks. As a result, he is suspended from UEFA for three Champions League matches. This will enable PSG for the next season.

UFPA sanctioned by the FFF, heard by the Brazilian police …

Returning to French territory April 21 for the reception of Monaco, he can take part in the French Cup final on April 27 against Rennes of Rennes. Despite his Brazilian, PSG loses out on penalties, and Neymar can not maintain his frustration with a supporter who plays during the rise of players on the platform, where they must receive the medal. Neymar's gamer is rapidly spreading around the world, and the comments are again numerous. Stalled by Thomas Tuscall and suspended in 3 matches and 2 suspended games, the move has another unfortunate consequence for Neymar. Brazilian coach Titus, who is a big fan and constant support for number 10, decided to pull the captain's tape for Copa America.

He fell from the captaincy, Neymar can at least be comforted by thinking about the freshness of his physical and mental state when it comes to continental competition that is of great importance in Brazil. But now, everything is turned up again with the appeal of Nigella Trindade Mendes de Souza, a young brazier who accuses Neymar of rape allegedly taking place in a hotel in Paris a few weeks earlier. Neymar responds to a video where he discovers his exchanges with the complainant, but also intimate photos, which are worth it to call the Brazilian police.

And that's not over. As voices are rising and seeking to be removed from the Brazilian squad for this case, Neymar is really forced to give up on the Copa America after an ankle injury during a friendly friendly match against Qatar last night. The new symbol of the nightmarish year, whose next six months is not good for the Brazilian international …

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