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Monaco: Henry, Jardim, mercato … Vasiliev makes his own mea cult – Football

After confirming the return of coach Leonardo Jardim, replacing Thierry Henry, Vadim Vasilev explained the decisions of AS Monaco. Opportunity for vice president to recognize all the mistakes made in recent months.

Monaco: Henry, Jardim, merc ... Vasilyev makes his own mea cult

Vadim Vasilev takes the mistakes of Monaco.

Coach Leonardo Jardim Vir in favor of Thierry Henry in October last year, then a reminder to replace his successor three months later … It's great nothing like Monaco!

So much that Vadim Vasilyev had to explain himself in a long statement on the club's official website. Without hiding, the Vice President acknowledged several mistakes and explained himself about the expression in the French language.

Vasiliev regrets the departure of Jardim

Turi Henry is a legend of football, but the unfavorable circumstances, and especially the many injuries of the players, did not allow him to quickly and effectively conquer his team from the crisis as a leader. (…) It would probably be longer to carry out what was planned. But, unfortunately, we have more time (…).

Vasilyev does not talk about it, but over 11 in 20 matches, the relationship between the former striker and the locker is also measured in the balance. This parameter also explains the return of Jardim, whose dismissal caused ASM's regret. We understand that the story of Leonardo Jardim did not end with the club as it would have been. We needed to give Leonardo a chance to continue his work, recognizes the number 2 mongasque, who mourns the decision is premature too soon.

Summer Rat Rat

Forced to take everything, the Russian even returns to the last, during the departure of Fabinho, João Mutinho and Thomas Lemar. We are forced to find that we have sold very important players during the summer transfer window despite significant investments, errors have been made to replace them. They did not make a new competition team, admitted Vasilyev.

So, we must expect some changes to the rock. For example, we can imagine that the ASM will have fewer risks in the transfer market. Another almost inevitable consequence, the exhaustion coming from the sport director Michael Emenalo, responsible for the choice of transfer and whose relationship with Jardim are tense. It remains to be seen whether Monaco really ended up with its mistakes of youth …

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