Friday , April 16 2021

Mining: The lack of delay favors the phenomenon of migration (specialist)

Tambacounda, April 26 (MAP) – The lack of positive peaks from the exploitation of mineral resources for the population in the regions of Tambunda and Kedugu is a factor for accelerating the migration phenomenon in eastern Senegal, claimed Friday. Bangali Dialo, a local development consultant.

"The paradox of the migration phenomenon in Tambunda and Kedugu lies in the fact that they are potentially rich regions with many natural resources, unfortunately this is not beneficial to the population and is the first reason for the departure of the population," he said on the sidelines of a seminar devoted to this theme.

The meeting opened on Friday in Tambacounda, on the initiative of the Senegalese Press Agency and the Conrad Adenauer Foundation, focusing on the topic of "media problems with migration".

Bangalye Dialog, one of the facilitators at the three-day meeting, cited the reasons for this phenomenon, citing, inter alia, "falling of precipitation," "failure" of public services, and the difficulties of the local population in taking advantage of economic opportunities.

In this regard, he invited local and regional authorities in these two regions to involve the population in advance in the development of development policies and initiatives.

Public policies must begin with the needs of the population by including them from the very beginning in the process of implementing projects. In general, people are not initiated for entrepreneurship, while these regions do not have the infrastructure to keep young people, like a university, said the consultant during his speech.

He also said net net migration in Kedugu is positive (larger outputs), "due to mining that attracts workers from all types of neighboring countries (Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Ghana)

According to him, strengthening the crossroads of Tambacounda by opening new corridors is a special case of internal migration more important than international ones.


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