Sunday , July 25 2021

“Messi at PSG? No time to think about the transfer window”

Last night in Montpellier, Leonardo talked to Canal + before the 3: 1 victory of his PSG and mentioned the rumor of Leo Messi.

With the statement on Wednesday night that he wants to play again with Leo Messi next season, Neymar ignited the European press and renewed the idea that the Argentine number 10 could land at PSG next summer. Before the victory of PSG in Montpellier, Leonardo was asked about this opportunity by Canal Plus.

“It was an Argentine journalist who asked the question (to Neymar) and it is normal that he talked about Messi. But I think we have to keep the respect. Messi is a Barcelona player. When you touch our players, we are not happy, that’s why we don’t touch other people’s players “, first fired the Brazilian sports director.

Then Leonardo added: “This is not the time to think about the transfer window. We are very pleased with what we have done, with the workforce we have. So today, a lot of respect for Messi and Barça, but now is not the time to talk about it. We are thinking about our “The season and we will finish our semester well. There are Champions League qualifiers to be confirmed on Tuesday, it’s not over. And there is room for storage in Ligue 1.”

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