Wednesday , April 21 2021

Megan Markle: Donald Trump's Conductor

A few days ago, the English tabloid of the Sun revealed that the US president Donald Trump qualified Megan Markle frombad"An outcome that sparked little controversy, reinforced by the fact that the new Duchess of Sussex simply decided not to meet with the head of state in connection with his visit to London.

Asked on account of the show "Good morning, Britain"Enabled by Morgan Peers, the president Trump he agreed to return to this controversy. According to him, journalists modified and reinforced his remarks, to the point that led him to pass him on to a bad man. So, according to his explanations, the journalists of the sun Asked really focused questions, reminding comments made by Megan Markle against him during his campaign in 2016.

The US president denies the remarks attributed to him

"I said I did not know it was frightening. I did not think she was abusive at all, but that she was with me because I did not know he was with me." therehe started thus, before being reminded that he congratulated them encouraged Megan Markle in her work as a mother, but also especially in the royal family of England. "I think it's very cozy" he continues, before admitting that he has never had the pleasure of meeting her.

Trump tries to clear things up

A way for him to hit his favorite goal again, the journalists. "All this shows you how much the press can be scary " explain then the US president, insisting that his words are not ambiguous at all. He will also attack the media that is being thrown on the footage revealed by the the sunlike "CNN and other fraudsters". As evidence of all this false buzz, Trump confirmed the prince Harry they did not avoid it during their last day and, on the contrary, were even able to discuss. "The royal family is very kind", he insisted, adding that he did not mention the case weekend.

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