Wednesday , June 16 2021

Medina Baye: Call for Prayer for "Peaceful Presidential Elections" in 2019

Kaolack, 18 November (APS) – Interior Minister Aly Ngouye Ndiaye called Sunday for Senegal's "peaceful presidential election" in 2019 by General Khalif of Medina Baye.

"We ask the Khalif to pray for peaceful elections, as has always been the case in our country," said the Minister in Wolof at the official ceremony of the Gamu, a religious event recalling the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PSL ) in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

During the ceremony in the Maison of the Host of Medina Baye, Aly Ngouye Ndiaye also asked for prayers for the success of the missions of the Head of State.

He also enlarged the international dimension of El Hadji Ibrahima Niasse, said Baye (1900-1975), founder of the religious city of Medina Baye and influential figure of the Brotherhood Tidiane in Senegal and the subregion.

This explains the presence of a large number of members of countries in Medina Baye, whose diplomatic relations with Senegal were facilitated by the work of Aly Ngouye Ndiaye.

His installation in Medina Baye consecrated his appearance and that of his mission to expand the Muslim religion around the world, said the Home Secretary.

Sheikh Mahi Aliou Cisse, spokesman for the Medina Baye family, responded positively to calls from the Home Secretary to promise that General Khalif would not fail to pray for the President of the Republic and for the country to vote.

The President announced on Monday in Kaolack is eagerly awaited and will be received by General Khalif of the Niassene community of Medina Baye as a son, the Marabout assured.


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