Wednesday , June 16 2021

Mediapart in 2018 has exceeded 150,000 subscribers

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Paris (AFP)

Mediapart continued its flight in 2018, its eleventh year of existence and crossed the threshold of 150,000 subscribers, the team's information team at its annual press conference said on Tuesday.

In 2017, online media surpassed 140,000 subscribers.

After the sharp increase in 2017, turnover in the newspaper rose slightly in 2018 to 13.8 million euros compared to 13.7 million years ago.

The year 2018, marked with the "Benala" affair, with discoveries that implicate close associate Emanuel Macron, proved calmer in the figures of 2017, a very successful election year for the site's activity.

Net profit fell by 9% to nearly two million euros. This sharp decline is associated with a "tax increase" and "an increase in the shares allocated to employees due to the completion of tax losses transferred," Mediapart says. The site still does not receive subsidies or private assistance, in accordance with its independence policy.

In recent months, Mediapartes relied on several new formats, from the census of police violence during the yellow vests to the podcast, to the "outstanding" documentary series.

The site's shares remained unchanged in 2018, Doxa and Ecofinance still own 38% of the capital, along with Mediapart's founders, employees and friends. The site, which continues to recruit, now has 87 permanent employees, including 47 journalists.

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