Monday , September 20 2021

Masali BMW X5 offered by Mackie that Aperistes talks about …

Bringed to justice for setting fire to the platform where Socialist Party (PS) leaders were installed during a meeting in Tiss, Muhammadu Lamine Masali had just set fire to the Alliance for a Republic (APR). Due to the former fan of Abdullaye Wade, there is great anger smoldering in the cottages of the ruling party, until we have finished talking about the upheavals related to the establishment of a platform responsible for defending the interests of the President of the Republic.

At the root of the problem, he was allegedly offered a BMW X5 by the head of state, McKay Sal. Indeed, this Wednesday, during a discussion with Madina Ndiatbe aperitif manager Tiaye Diabi, she dropped a bomb. “I still can’t believe it when I heard Masali say that McKay Sal gave him a luxury BMW 5 car,” he said bitterly.

The young man in charge of April is even more bitter as two of his personal vehicles caught fire in Futa while defending the tenant of the Palace, without benefiting from this preferential treatment.

Thiaye Diaby did not look from noon until 2pm, he immediately gathered the disgruntled members of the AKP, with whom he created a revolt in the party, to fight against all the mistakes of this political formation and to put an end to the promotion of transhumanists.

In addition, he and his colleagues met in Somone this weekend to refine strategies to be implemented to achieve their goals. “The court of history will judge. Of course, we accompanied the President in “Jakaar”, today we are striving for despair.

“He is the transhumanist of the regime ousted in 2012 who shyly occupied the polls,” said Tia Diaby and his band, who turned down incessant calls from Alliance for Republicans officials, urging them to postpone the planned meeting. in Somone.

Among the rebels, we can mention Jili Sek from Biscuit, Rene Pierre Yehum from Dakar Plateau, Nuru Niang from Grand Dakar, Baye Gana Diop, Diarraf’s son from Kir Masar etc …

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