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Marvel Study: What Place Will the Eternal and Shang-Chi Have During MCU Phase 4?

While Phase 4 will be a time of reunion for most of the Avengers, what about Shang-Chi and the Eternal?

Dr. Strange in Spiderman 3, Star Stars Lord in Thor 4, Love and Thunder, or Scarlet Witch Dr. Strange 2The MCU Phase 4 looks more like a crossover than ever. This is without counting the various character appearances we can discover in the series soon to be aired on Disney +. Suffice it to assume that these happy gatherings will not be pointless and should lead to the official unification of the Avengers. However, not only the “old” will return, but phase 4 will be an opportunity to introduce new faces, including Shang-Chi and the Eternal. What could be their place in this new phase of MCU?

Shang-Chi and the Eternal
Shang-Chi and the Eternal – Credit (s): Marvel Comics, Marvel Study

With black Widow, Shang-Chi and The eternal will be part of the first three films of Phase 4. Newcomers will open the ball, which suggests that their introduction will undoubtedly be intended to announce, or at least suggest, the major events that will follow. A logical output sequence reminiscent of Captain Marvel, arrived just before Avengers Endgame. The film allowed us to discover the story of Carol Danvers, her relationship with SHIELD, but also to realize how authorized they are. Captain Marvel it was nothing less origin story a classic that was finally linked to the rest of the MKU only through Nick Fury’s pager, seen at the end ofAvengers war of infinity.

The official logo of the movie Shang-Chi
The official logo of the movie Shang-Chi – Credit (s): A Marvel Study

It seems likely that Shang-Chi and The eternal will serve to introduce the heroes to the public, before including the last element that connects them directly to future events in phase 4. For now, the common thread of this new chapter of MCU remains a mystery, even if there are many indications that it will be centered (only partially) on the multiverse. Because the Eternal are omnipresent cosmic beings from the very beginning of our world, chances are they are aware of the existence of alternative realities. How about Shang-Chi, who could become the James Bond of the MCU, he in turn can get a key artifact for navigating the universes. However, this hypothesis only works if all the heroes of stage 4 are doomed to all meet.

The cast of the Eternal
The cast of “Eternal” – credit (s): Marvel Studio, Disney

Otherwise, the new ones would be introduced early, but would not appear on the crossover until much later, during Phase 5 or during a movie. Avengers. Thus, the intrigues surrounding the multiverse would apply only to some of the films. In addition to revealing clues about the future of MoCA, The eternal and Shang-Chi should also teach us more about the events before Phase 4, see bring us a different perspective on some of the previous Avengers adventures. In fact, the synopsis of Eternal confirms that the action of the film will take place after Avengers Endgame. So, there is a possibility that the blockbuster will tell us more about the consequences of Thanos’ actions, see the premature Iron Man. Between the past and the future, the new heroes of Marvel Study that way they could bring us parts that are missing from certain puzzles.

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