Wednesday , January 27 2021

Marseille and the rest of the World 5: Weidenne arrives on the adventure, the candidates in the bag (EXCLUDED EXPORT)

Tonight, Weidene will land in Marseille opposite the rest of World 5 and we invite you to discover an exclusive extract of this arrival right here!

In episode 62 of Marseille and the rest of World 5, Paga and Mujdat clashed violently, two candidates were eliminated, and the third left the adventure. And tonight at S9, tensions will be reduced. AT A few days before the grand final, the team of Marseille and the rest of the world will meet Weidene who will come and perform his last song, Coco. And the least we can say is that the candidates will be in love with this small private concert. In addition, we have allowed you to see it a little higher in this article, where you will discover an exclusive excerpt from this episode.

The rest of the world
The rest of the world – Credit (s): W9

And, as you can see in this video, Manon Marceau and Laura Lempika will be present at this event. It is certainly possible for them to hear from Mila Jasmin .. We remind you that they took over his defense against Mujdat. And now that he is back in the adventure, Manon Marceau and Laura Lempika will be able to learn more about this story. Before you know all the details of this episode, know that Laurent responded to the recent criticism that Julien Tanty made of the JLC family during an exclusive interview with Melty’s editorial team.

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