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Mario Balotelli goes down to promo Brescia!

Often with legends Roberto Balcio, Pep Guardiola or Andrea Pirlo, after having spent thirteen of the last fourteen years in Serie B, Brescia Calzio has just made his comeback in Serie A. to return to the Italian football elite through a big door. The arrival of Mario Balotelli, relieved of any contract after six months of experience at the Marseille Olympics, is part of this. The 29-year-old Italian striker turned down an offer from the Brazilian club in Flamengo to dedicate himself to the Serie B champion. The "multiyear" deal, as explained in the statement, and the return to Italy, the region where he grew up, three years after leaving Milan, is the end of this market for the ephemeral big striker of the UN.

After being very tempted by Flamengo's Brazilian proposal, Mario Balotelli (and his agent Mino Rayola) changed their minds and made the decision to return to Italy. Brescia's president Massimo Celino managed to find the arguments to convince the vintage player. So, a multi-year deal and some visibility on the other side of the Alps, for Mario Balotelli who set a goal to return to the selection. Won 14 goals in 36 selections with Nacional, the striker has not called Roberto Mancini almost a year (7.09.2018, Italy-Poland, 1-1). He will now have the opportunity to persuade the coach who had coached at Inter and then Manchester City.

Return to native Lombardy

If Italy set fire to Mario Balotelli's "return" to Brescia, with Brescia Calzio, the former Inter striker, Manchester City, Liverpool, Milan, Nice and Marseille have not evolved so far. . But his name has resonated since the early 1990s near Mario Rigamonti Stadium. And more precisely in the northern suburb of Lombardy. Gathered at the age of three by Francesco and Silvia Balotelli, Mario grew up in the village of Conchesio, north of the city. Then he finds football. At the Unione Sportiva Oratorio San Bartolomeo first, then at the Unione Sportiva Oratorio Mompiano and finally at the GS Pavoniana Calcio.

If these three clubs are separated by just a few blocks, associate Calzio Lumezane (Serie C), the first big club in the area to honor Super Mario, begs the young player to travel 40km north. It is a worthless effort that will deserve the approaches of Inter, the region's mastodon that will focus its services in 2006, for a compensation of 350,000 euros. Mario Balotelli will stay in the Neroaurs for four years, three of them on the expert team. It is time to win three Scudetto, the Champions League and participate in the fantastic season four of the 2009/10 season with José Mourinho. And it is under the order of Evgenio Corinni, a climbing trainer in Brescia who arrived last year, originally from Bagnolo Mela … like his parents, that he will evolve now.

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