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Malik Diop aka If relaxed

Malik Diop aka If, a suspect arrested in the case of Bineta Karama, killed on Saturday night after attempting rape in the Sarala Gilele area of ​​Tambakunda, was finally released after his release to the prosecution. The information was transmitted by TFM without further details.

The victim's father's blessing, Málal Kamara, also the managing director of the local development agency (ADL), Malik Diop, aka If was appointed as a suspect from the first hours of the investigation. This, because of the traces of sperm that were found on his lower abdomen and his trousers.

He claims his innocence, arguing that he had sex with his wife. In vain. But the second person's arrest near the family brought new elements to the investigation. Alioune Badara Fall, for not quoting him, would have admitted the crime during his first hearing in the police premises.

Considered as a friend of the family, Mr. Paul was in bed of his sad father and even broke it quickly with him yesterday.

He is currently in custody.

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