Monday , June 14 2021

Malian singer Salif Keta at a concert for albinos

Abidjan – Famous albino Malian singer, Salif Keta, held a concert on Saturday night Fana, in honor of the albino girl kidnapped and forcibly murdered in May, months before the presidential election.

The singer chose this city, located a few miles from the capital, Bamako, to present his new album.

A few months after the murder of her niece, Mother Diarra's mother is still in shock.

That night was hot. We slept under the barracks. Between 2am and 3am, a man came to raise the child. Without it he noticed it. I sued the boy by jumping on the wall, but I could not catch him. I fell to my knees. They used the gendarmes and neighbors. The body Frame was found early in the morning, but I do not know who found the body, she said.

African albinos are often the victims of superstition and fantasies about their illness. In some countries, parts of their bodies are explored for their properties described as mystics.


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