Saturday , April 17 2021

Macky Sall takes the stick against his journalists

Although communication is centered on the interests and issues of a good understanding of the meaning of the second term of McKee Sal, the head of state has decided, in the configuration of the government team, to do without the group of his communicators.

Famous journalists and communication specialists have everything from the government, and fussy management of public broadcasting reflects the limited results obtained from reporters at the Palace. Is this the reason why the head of state is still slow in appointing national companies and agencies such as Artp, Rts or Aps in directorates?

It seems that all signals are being published, and given the latest blockades that occurred during reorganizations at the level of national directorates, the issue is still important in the Palace. Macky Sall, who published the color of the report on pillow battles between the editors, never tire of repetition, that the communication component was the weak link of the first term. The President of the Republic, who was even forced to prepare a bookkeeping balance for filling the gap, can no longer suffer from a lack of specialists equipped, able to effectively manage this enormous task in the perspective of strong planned activities.

The announcement during the campaign, the arrival of the French team to overcome the deficit and lack of visibility of the candidate Sal, was not only happy in the process of the candidate for re-election. And even the flight of a French photographer, Lionel Mandeks, recruited for that purpose in the exclusive service of McKee Sal, was a reaction to the circumstances, and President Sal now seems determined not to surrender to false profiles, let alone blackmail what in past paid for eminent names that worked with him in the past five years.

In place of veterans who have shown their limits, the head of state may surprise with the contribution of new blood, a new touch in approach and method. In fact, simply dumping Senegalese profiles scattered around the world is enough to reveal the huge potential of our country in terms of communication engineering. As for the strategic stations that were calling for applications to overcome political unforeseen situations, this solution, based on expertise, could be Achilles' heel of new profiles that will arrive at the level of agencies and companies audiovisual sector.

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