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Lyon: more frustration than pride? – Football

Tuesday, Olympique Lyon accepted a draw against Manchester City (2: 2) in the Champions League. A satisfactory result against one of the favorites in the final title. But also very frustrating given the inability of Gons to kill this kind of games.

Lyon: more frustration than pride

Gons will seek a qualification in Ukraine.

Olympique Lyon was close to qualifying for the last 16 of the Champions League on Tuesday. He needed Tyson to score for Shakhtar Donetsk Hofenheim (2-3) at extra time, to prevent Rona from training to confirm his next round ticket. What gives standard complaints to the Bruno Genezio men.

Six points lost in three games

To get a draw against Manchester City (2-2) objectively is a great operation. Especially after he achieved the goal of winning the Etihad Stadium (1-2) in September last year, where no other team managed to finish this season. But, in fact, Lyon can bite his fingers. On many occasions, Anthony Lopez's partners had the opportunity to kill the game, especially to take advantage in the 81st minute thanks to the doubling of Maxwell Cornet.

But Lyon is irreparable. Unlike the movement, the Rosants did not retain their leadership. The story that repeats, because at both meetings against Hoffenheim (3-3, 2-2), OL led the sign between the extra time. Three of the five matches for Lyus held the victory to fight with the last moments. Six potential points that have descended and this has already allowed the seven-time champion of France to confirm his next round ticket.

When is regular OL?

Can Lyon overcome this persistent problem? A a priori yes. But to play with fire, he could burn his fingers. Another element of frustration, the irregularity of the players. Lyon gives the impression that they choose their games, failed to overcome their violins. Udar, Memphis Depay, another Nabil Fekir, Bertrand Traor here, Cornet parl … Only Hosem Auer and Tangui Nidole, at least on the European stage, seem to be regular in their performances.

Low with weak, strong with strong , it's a bit of saying it will sum up this nigmatic OR. Put intensity, raise the level of play against equal or better teams, Lyon knows how to do it. They will have to use this example in order not to get lost in Ukraine in two weeks and not to turn this frustration into a great disappointment. For this, Genesio will finally find the solution to this inexplicable paradox. Be careful not to lose everything …

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