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Lyon inverted Bordeaux in pain / League 1 / J34 / Bordeaux-Lyon (2-3) /

In a lovely match, Lyon finally took Bordeaux (2-3) to Matmouth Atlantique. OL returns to three units of the LOSC and exerts pressure on its pursuers pending the rest of the day.

Bordeaux 2-3 Lyon

Goals: Brian (35d) and De Prvil (38d) for Girondini / Depai (14d), Cornet (67)d) and Dembele (85d) for Gons.
Exclusion: Jovalic (73d) for Girondi.

When it's time to review Lyon's season in a few weeks, it's likely to be enough to land before this match against Bordeaux Matmut Atlantic. In a complex form that still bald and against the crew fell into the ranks, Bruno Genezio's men had to break the success of the race for the podium, and even in the second place. After the impeccable and impressive start of the match, OL broke everything in minutes, leaving Girondini back quietly in a match that seemed to shun them. Next? Many technical waste and a new pawn roller were signed by Cornet and Dembele. LOSC is in the viewfinder, Sen and OM move away in the mirror.


To write the first lines of this chapter, the technician from Rhône chose not to change anything in his starting lineup after the success against Angers last week (2-1). A decision to pay in the first twenty minutes, both of them stifle Bordeaux, propagating attacks in the opposite camp. Marcelo is the first to use the chance (3d), before the combination between Fekir and Depai leads to a very hot triple opportunity (5)d). The Dutch international is hot and persistent: he completely misses his head before the goal itself (13d), then comes to open the result by being at the reception of a good Cornett center, well officially Fekir, after intense pressing of Ndmele (0-1, 14d). The penalty is logical for the team of Bordeaux asleep and beaten in all duels.

But you have to turn the page to see the story to make a new twist. Finally, the debates are balanced, the Girondins return their hair to the beast, and OL strangely oddly after the game start almost perfect. And everything changes in just four minutes. After being badly defended by Lyon defense, Otavio heads a title in this area, and Brianco takes over the duo to adjust Lopez to the foot (1-1, 35d). The classic of the old who comes to harm his old club. Bordeaux finally took his best feather, or even allowed himself to take the lead before leaving, De Preview leaning on Brian to stand in the box and easily deceive the Portuguese goalkeeper (2-1, 38d). And here is the first period that will make an ideal ass for the book to summarize the season of Lyon.

Beginning, expulsion and savior

At this surprising meeting, one can not exclude a new turn of the situation. The band in Genesis returned to the pond at a pace, but without success being dangerous until the hour of play, Bordeaux returned to the game after a chaotic departure. The new locks lit Fekir (63d) and Terrier (64d), then the defense of Girondius has finally given way. Captain de Gones has benefited from a rough loss of the ball at Kunde to accelerate and serve Cornet to equalize (2-2, 67d). The script of the match is definitely not written in advance, and OL takes control.
Dembele has been canceled for an offside position (71d) and Jovanovic sees red after giving the judge a few soft words (73d). Gift for Lyon invaders who see spaces free, but Traitor crocodiles two possibilities. Finally, a missed shot from Nadebele is needed to see Fekir deflect the ball to Dembel, whose brutal strike cheats Costil and allows OL to grab a very valuable victory (2-3, 85d). As a sad season, the following weeks look very long in Bordeaux, while OL retains its smile and consolidates its place on the podium.
Bordeaux (3-4-3): Kostil – Kunde, Pablo, Jovanovic – Sabali (Benrahu, 69d), Otávio, Basic, Poundjé – Kamano (Palencia, 76)d), Briand, De Prvil. Trainer: Paulo Sousa.

Lyon (4-2-3-1): Lopez – Tet (Mendi, 80d), Marcelo, Daneer, Dubois – Ndomebele, Aurar – Cornet (Traore, 68)d), Fekir, Terrier (Dembele, 68d) – Depay. Trainer: Bruno Genesis.

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