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Liverpool-Leicester City (1-1): Sadio scored • Revives

Within the 24th day of the Premier League, Liverpool and Leicester City met Wednesday at Anfield. This match ended with a tie between the two teams (1-1), with a goal from Sadio Mane, against goal from Harry Maguire.

Mane opened the goal for Liverpool in the third minute. Lester returned to the match in the 47th minute with a goal from Maguire, who served Chilevel, allowing him a point.

The Reds managed to score 3 strokes (of 8 attempts), and were therefore more dangerous than the Foxes, who scored 2 (out of a total of 4). Jurgen Klopp had had most of the ball, with 69 percent of possession.

Joel Matip (Liverpool) got a yellow card in the 16th minute; The same goes for Maguire (41), Pereira (50) and Sylvell (94) on Leicester City.

After finishing the match, Liverpool stays in first place with 61 points and build their lead over Manchester City on the 2nd. Leicester, however, is overtaken by Everton FC and AFC Bornemouth, and is now at eleventh with 32 points.

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