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Les travailleurs fustigent la mutation

01/10/2019 at 14:36

The telegraph operator "Tigo" has a March 1, 2019 edition for adopting a new nom. Dorenavant, the 'Free'. A 4G + network, operating in Dakar and in the suburbs of the regional capital. Most employers maintain branding, requiring non-impression in operation.

The passage of "Tigo" to "Free mobile" is a great addition to the cheeses of the employers. Send in the staff, all by press release – social media – which is on. All, Alioune Badara Seck fustige, « denotes a notion of congestion by the employees, and the confusion mode of the end of the Sentel (Tigo) transducers«. Available, read: « Nous n'avons is associated with this transformation. Not exclusively as a representative of the staff, but only a part of the employers have been associated with the launch of this branded brand. There are no details of the fate and no condoms with the stigma. Et cetera, most current couriers offer two or more anniversaries with Sentel. Et cet deetériore de plus en plus«.

Revendicative Plateforms

These points are on the menu of the revisionist plateform of the employers. The premiere is the accompaniment of the Sentel general direction on a log plan. There is a second point, which is one of the first to surpass the croissance. « L'entreprise croit d'année en année, but employers who do not have sommes, nous ne nous retrouvons pas dans ce schemma«, An M. Seck qui face to face press. Tricycle, which is an overvoltage of the actuator operated by a cession of parts. As Sentel's general direction relates to these three points with these employers, the participant has to ameliorate the maneuverability of the Sentel employers and the conditions at which Sentel employs them.

fre - Tigo devient free: Les travailleurs fustigent la mutation

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Delegating the personnel, the ontologies are integrated with the general direction of Milicom. Also referred to as M. Seck, with the nautical consortium reaching the crossroads of Monsieur Hassanein Hiridjee, Monsieur Xavier Niel and Monsieur Yérim Sow, as well as a change for employers. It is after the amelioration of the traffic conditions. «Nous nous battles for ameliorating these traffic conditions. And all aircraft donate an ultimatum to the General Assembly from 17 September 2019, to 30 September. This is a passage and not all planes of action are planned, a-t-il fait savoir.

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